LeadPivot's 6R's of a cloud journey



Business processes in the cloud by redefining and enhancing core value propositions.


The applications you don't need anymore.


On-premises applications that are too complex or costly to migrate.


Applications quickly in the cloud.


Applications for which better and/or cheaper SaaS solutions are available.


Applications that need significant code rework for the cloud, decoupling from other systems as needed.

What we do

Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.
Since a project is a temporary endeavor, it has a clear beginning and a clear end. Be sure that your technology projects are managed with your business goals in mind.


Is a unified risk management software platform that allows you to manage the risks of vaccinated and non vaccinated employees, offering a best-in-class visualization model that allows for fast and accurate containment. The software also maintains the vaccination records of your employees and dependents quickly and effectively.

CampusHealth D.V.C.

Our CampusHealth Risk Management Software is the tool to manage a safe reopening, secures all the vaccine data and offers a visualization of all vaccinated and non vaccinated, and issues a Digital Vaccination Card for those that have their vaccinations.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Inspire innovation and generate new revenue and profit with analytics.

App development

In a world where most of the web traffic is on mobile, the wright App will make the difference to your customers.

Digital channels marketing & customer experience

Digital channel marketing is a viable afordable way to promote business. Re-engagement with a current cutomers (Cross-Selling) is an effective way to mantain sales levels with the lowest marketing cost.

Digital Technology Strategy

LeadPivot focuses on how to use technology to improve business performance. Pragmatic solutions to solve your unique business needs by ensuring that technology strategies supports your business roadmap – becoming the foundation for success.


The business model that lets business and individuals buy and sell goods or services over the internet. With the help of multi-layered security, monitored transactions, SSL certification and hosting solutions, online transactions are made in a safe and secure environment.

Human Digital Organization

LeadPivot empower your organization and workforce to lead in a virtualized world.

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